Levers bring new force to wheelchair users

ROSEVILLE, CA – A Roseville man, paralyzed 26 years ago, is on a mission to make it easier for other people bound to wheelchairs to get around.

Since a life changing accident in 1987, Brian Watwood has been perfecting the Wijit, a mechanical lever and braking system that can be retrofitted onto manual wheelchairs and help people get around.

“The average person has no idea how difficult a life it is to live in a wheelchair where you can’t do things everybody else takes for granted,” Watwood said.

Watwood was 30 when he was hit by a car while riding a bike. He suffered a devastating spinal cord injury to his neck. The crash left him a partial quadriplegic and unable to push the wheels of standard wheelchairs.

“In my frustration I closed my eyes,” Watwood said. “And I had a vision of levers.”

Watwood teamed up with engineers and came up with the Wijit. But then, in the late 90s, he faced a major setback when the construction of the wheelchair drastically changed.

“It was a pretty stark reality,” Watwood explained. “The realization that, suddenly, what I was doing was a dead end.”

But he never gave up. He went back to the drawing board. Since the redesign, several hundred Wijits have sold.

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