13th Annual California TeamWalk for Our Cures and Connection Weekend September 19-20, 2014

13th Annual California TeamWalk for Our Cures and Connection Weekend September 19-20, 2014

We couldn’t have asked for a more perfect day and, as in prior years, a few new people joined us.

Our Friday night dinner and “Share and Compare” discussion time (with dessert after dinner) was particularly inspiring. Kay Brady was so excited to share with the group, and her doctor gave her the okay to join us since her surgery was very recent. What she shared:

“These are the surgeries I had:
1. An Achilles tendon advancement. This is also known as a Murphy Procedure.
2. A tibialis anterior tendon transfer.
3. A flexor tenotomy.

When looking for a surgeon I would recommend finding a surgeon who is board certified in Reconstructive Rearfoot/Ankle Surgery.

I no longer am pigeon toed and my toes lie flat”.

Jean Chambers shared about a special plastic to adhere to shoes to prevent wearing out so fast. She handed out samples to those who needed it. She said it needed to be done by a shoe cobbler. If you want more info, contact Jean directly.

Our yummy Friday night desserts: chocolate cake with our logo, chocolate candy with our logo and chocolate dipped strawberries (who said we liked chocolate – purely medicinal). There were 21 of us for dinner Friday night which included family – 8 with PLS and 3 with HSP. No where other than at our Connection do the PLSers out number the HSPers.

Saturday was another great TeamWalk – a couple of us represented our friends who were Walkers or Rollers by Proxy. I was proud to wear a name tag for Dave Irvine, our SPF WA State Ambassador. We also had another good year of raffle and silent auction items. Our weekend was a great financial success too for research — $34,500 and counting. Many thanks to our lead sponsor, Brocchini Farms. Kris had 8 of her sorority sisters in attendance and they buy lots of raffle tickets and bid on silent auction items!! Love those ladies!