Making Room for Charitable Donations in a Tight Budget

Making Room for Charitable Donations in a Tight Budget

It’s been scientifically proven that making donations to nonprofits gives you a big mental boost. But when you’re trying to pay rent, student loans and other bills, the thought of including charitable donations in your budget can seem impossible.

Take a look at your current budget. There might be an area where you’re spending more than you think you are (or need to). When you make donations a priority in your budget like you do electricity bills, you’re more likely to make contributions on a regular basis.

Decide on how much and how often you want to donate. Do you want to give small amounts monthly? Or do you want to save up for a year and make a big donation to a special cause? The right amount is the amount that you feel comfortable giving, whether that’s 10% of your income or $10.

Get friends and family involved. You can give your friends and family an opportunity to support you and The Spastic Paraplegia Foundation. Request that your birthday or Christmas gifts come in the form of donations to SPF.

Wonderful News! An anonymous donor has again pledged to The Spastic Paraplegia Foundation that she or he will begin to match all donations made beginning on November 1st up to $125,000.00. That's right 25% more than he or she did last year! So, you get to help twice as many people. She or he asks that you please try to stretch or increase you gift this year as much as you can as he or she is.