Athena Diagnostics Announces New Affordability Plan for The Gene Test You Need

Are insurance reimbursement issues or prohibitive cost stopping you from getting the diagnostic testing you need?

Athena Diagnostics, a business of Quest Diagnostics, recently announced a new program to make diagnostic testing more accessible and more affordable. The Athena Alliance Program expands patient access to diagnostic tests and offers a menu of testing for HSP and other motor neuron diseases. Athena’s new tiered financial assistance program is based on income levels, with improved financial assistance available for families up to 600% of the FPL. It is available to all patients, in all states, during all steps of the testing process.

For individuals who have faced financial barriers to accessing the diagnostic tests necessary to make diagnostic and treatment decisions, the Athena Alliance Program may offer what you need. Ask your healthcare provider about testing options through Athena Diagnostics.

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