Congress Takes Action on ALS Priorities!

As the appropriations process continues on Capitol Hill, we are thrilled to tell you that, thanks to your advocacy, Congress is taking action on several priorities for the ALS community!

Senate Bill Includes $10 Million for the National ALS Registry

The Senate Appropriations Committee passed its version of the FY 2017 Health and Human Services (HHS) spending bill and included $10 million to continue funding for the National ALS Registry. This additional funding will allow the Registry to continue funding ALS research, identify what causes the disease and help to advance the search for a treatment. The funding also will enable CDC to fully implement the ALS biorepository, which collects blood and tissue samples from those enrolled in the Registry, something that is so critical to advancing ALS research. Visit the CDC's website or view this fact sheet to learn more about the important work the Registry is doing.

The Senate bill also included a $2 billion increase in funding for the National Institutes of Health (NIH) and a $100 million increase for the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke (NINDS).

Importantly, the legislation included language providing direction to both CDC and NIH on how the agencies should focus efforts on ALS research. This language helps to ensure that funding for ALS research is coordinated with other federal agencies and the broader ALS community and is strategically targeted so that this critical funding can make the most difference in the fight against the disease.
House Passes Defense Bill that Includes $7.5 Million for the ALSRP

The House of Representatives passed the FY 2017 Defense Appropriations bill and provided $7.5 million to continue funding for the ALS Research Program at the Department of Defense! If enacted into law, this would bring total funding for the ALSRP to nearly $70 million. The ALSRP funds innovative translational research that has identified four potential treatments for ALS to date. An infographic that includes more information about the ALSRP is available here.

Thank you to every ALS advocate who reached out to their Members of Congress in support of these important priorities. You are making a difference!